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Code of Conduct

Key Research Stages - After Fieldwork

P. Reporting Market Research


Researchers should take reasonable steps to ensure that:

  • Interpretation and conclusions are adequately supported by the research findings, with explanation as to which data support the interpretation.
  • The detail necessary to assess the validity of findings is available (including sample size, question source, statistical tests used) and that data tables include sufficient technical information to enable reasonable assessment of the validity of the results.
  • Reports and presentations accurately:
    • Reflect the findings of the research.
    • Reflect the researcher’s interpretations and conclusions.
    • Distinguish between factual reporting of data and a researcher’s interpretation
  • The content does not breach any copyrights.

13.8 Combining data is permissible as long as personal data is not released to the client company when data is combined and combining the data does not enable the client to identify the MR subject.
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