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Code of Conduct

Key Research Stages - After Fieldwork

O. Storage and Security

Consent for Storage of Personal Data for Future Use


Personal data e.g. contact details should only be stored for future use if consent has been given.

Storage Duration


Personal data MUST be destroyed as soon as the purpose of the study is redundant.

In Russia, Personal data should not be stored for longer than it is needed for processing unless the personal data retention period is established by a federal law or a contract.


The researcher/agency should store research records for an appropriate length of time - there are no absolute guidelines on how long this should be. This period will vary according to the nature of the data, the type of project and the need for future research or follow up analysis. Personal data (such as recruitment questionnaires) can be destroyed before non-personal data (such as tabulations).



The data disposal method should be appropriate to the sensitivity and confidentiality of the data.


If video streaming has been used to allow remote viewing of fieldwork it is possible that the video transmission system used delivered a copy of the recording to the receiving computer. If this was the case the researcher MUST take steps to ensure that any copy of the video stream saved on the observer’s computer is deleted.

ESOMAR Guide on Passive Data Collection, Observation and Recording

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