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Code of Conduct


A. Purpose, Scope and Sources


The Code of Conduct provides comprehensive and up-to-date key ethical and legal guidance to support EphMRA members when they carry out multi-country, primary and secondary healthcare market research.

This includes ad hoc and syndicated work upon pharmaceutical products, biologics, medical devices and diagnostics (available with or without prescription).

1.2 It is an industry-sponsored code that aims to define and safeguard the rights of MR subjects, protecting data integrity alongside the rights of MR subjects.
Geographic Scope

The Code provides international guidelines, although its development has focused upon - Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Spain, Sweden, UK and the USA.

It offers international guidelines rather than country specific detail however key inter-country differences are highlighted where they exist.

EphMRA Members’ Code Responsibilities

EphMRA strongly recommends that all members adhere to the Code of Conduct and ensure that all personnel employed or sub-contracted on their market research studies understand and agree to abide by the Code.

EphMRA also recommends that contracts include a clause committing all parties engaged in the market research study – the commissioning company, the market research agency and any sub-contractors – to adhering to the EphMRA Code, including adverse event reporting guidelines.

1.5 All market research MUST comply with international and national law.
1.6 Whilst incorporating the impact of relevant legislation, neither the Code of Conduct nor EphMRA will be a source of legal advice.  The information within EphMRA’s Code of Conduct is not intended and should not be construed as or substituted for legal advice.  It is provided as a reference for best practice.  If legal advice is needed it is should be sought independently.
Relationship with Other Codes of Practise

EphMRA’s Code of Conduct complements other professional codes of conduct/practice e.g. ICC/ESOMAR’s International Code of Marketing and Social Research.  Where appropriate readers are referred to complementary/ additional sources of information.

Local codes should be observed.

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