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Code of Conduct


Legislation Supporting the Code of Conduct 

  • EU Data Protection Directive 1995
  • EU Directive 2001/83/EC on the Community Code relating to Medicinal Products for Human Use
  • EU Regulation 726/2004 Community procedures for the authorisation and supervision of medicinal products for human and veterinary use and establishing a European Medicines Agency
  • EU Council Directive 93/42/EEC concerning medical devices
  • EU Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications (2002/58/EC) 2003
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)



  • MRIAs Revised Code of Conduct and Research Neutrals Advisory Service Jan 2015


  • ASOCS Charte De Pratiques Loyales En Matière D’Etudes Des Opinions Et Comportements Dans Le Domaine De La Sante
  • ASOCS, INFOSTAT & UDA Le Guide Des Relations Entre Laboratoires Et Societes D’Etudes
  • Arbeitskreis Deutscher Markt- und Sozialforschungsinstitute e. V. (ADM), Declaration of the Federal Republic of Germany concerning the ICC/ESOMAR International Code of Market and Social Research 2008
  • ADM, Guideline for Studies in Public Health Service for purposes of Market and Social research Apr 2013
  • ADM, Guideline Concerning Recording and Observation of Group Discussions and Qualitative Interviews 2006
  • ADM, Standards for Online Surveys 2007
  • ADM, Guideline on the Interviewing Minors Jul 2006
  • ADM Guideline on Telephone Surveys Jan 2008
  • ADM, Guideline on the Treatment of Addresses in Market and Social Research May 2011
  • ADM, Guideline on the Treatment of Databases in Market and Social Research Jul 2010
  • Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle für die Arzneimittelindustrie e.V.” (FSA) FSA Code of Conduct on the Collaboration with Healthcare Professionals Nov 2015
  • ASSIRM, Code of Professional Ethics 2011
  • Farmindustria, Code of Professional Conduct July 2014



  • AMAI: Estándar de Servicio para la Investigación de Mercados en México – ESIMM V2.0 
  • LFPDPPP – Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de los Particulares 
  • Cofepris: Guías, Lineamientos y Requerimientos de Farmacovigilancia 
  • PROFECO Repep - Regístro Público para Evitar Publicidad
  • Code of Conduct for Pharmaceutical Advertising July 2015
  • Concept Gedragscode Voor Marktonderzoek In De Healthcare Markt Draft Code of Conduct for Market Research in the Healthcare Market, Oct 2015
  • MOA Code of Conduct for research and statistics (Gedragscode voor onderzoek en statistiek) 
  • Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens
  • Telecommunicatie wet
  • CGR Richtlijnen niet-WMO plichtig onderzoek
  • Gedragscode Geneesmiddelenreclame
  • CGR Uitwerking Normen Gunstbetoon
  • Toelichting gedragsregels openbaarmaking financiële relaties
  • MOA guideline Publiceren over marktonderzoek
  • MOA Onderzoekfilter 


  • The Danish Ethical Rules for promotion of Medicinal Products towards Healthcare Professionals 2015
  • Pharma Industry Finland (PIF), Code of Ethics, 2014
  • Market Research Association SMTL, Code of Ethics, 2011
  • Market Research Association SMTL, Tietosuojakäytänne (Privacy Policy) 2003
  • Legemiddelindustriforeningen (LMI) – the Norwegian Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Rules for Marketing of Medicinal Products 2014
  • De forskande läkemedelsföretagen (LIF), Ethical rules for the pharmaceutical industry in Sweden, 2015
  • Svenska Marknadsundersökningsföretag (SMIF), Children and Youth Policy, 2013
  • Svenska Marknadsundersökningsföretag (SMIF), Tillampningsregler PUL, Privacy Application Rules, 2010
  • AEDEMO, Proteccion de Datos e Investigacion de Mercados 2007 Privacy & Market Research
  • Farmaindustria, Code of Good Practice for the Pharmaceutical Industry 2014



  •  AIFD Code of Good Promotional Practice and Good Communication Edition 5.2 February 20, 2015



  • Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI), Code of Practice 2016
  • Association for Qualitative Research (AQR), Qualitative Research Recruitment 2002
  • British Healthcare Business Intelligence Association (BHBIA), Legal & Ethical Guidelines 2016
  • Market Research Society (MRS), Administering Incentives and Free Prize Draws July 2015
  • MRS Best practice Guide on Research Participant Vulnerability Jan 2016 
  • MRS Code of Conduct 2014
  • MRS Guidance on Collecting Data on Sex and Gender Jan 2016
  • MRS Guidelines for Research with Children and Young People Sept 2014
  • MRS Data Protection Act 1998 & Market Research: Guidance for MRS Members 2003
  • MRS Guidelines on the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations May 2011
  • MRS Guidelines for Online Research Sept 2014
  • Guide to Observers' Legal & Ethical Responsibilities Oct 2015
  • MRS DRAFT Mobile Research Guidelines Aug 2013
  • MRS Online data Collection and Privacy Discussion Paper Jul 2011
  • MRS Online data Collection and Privacy Response to Submissions Apr 2012
  • MRS Qualitative Research Guidelines including Observational and Ethnographic and deliberative Research Sept 2014
  • MRS Questionnaire Design Guidelines Sept 2014
  • MRS Use of Predictive Diallers Jan 2011
  • MRS Using Research Techniques for Non-Research Purposes Nov 2010
  • Office of Information Commissioner (ICO), Guide to Data Protection
  • European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) Code on the Promotion of Prescription-Only Medicines to, and Interactions with, Healthcare Professionals 2014
  • EFPIA Code on Disclosure of Transfers of Value from the Pharmaceutical Companies to Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organisations 2014
  • ESOMAR Online Research Guideline, 2015
  • ESOMAR Guideline for Conducting Mobile Market Research Oct 2012
  • ESOMAR Guideline on Social Media Research Jun 2011
  • ESOMAR Guidelines on the Mutual Rights and Responsibilities of Researchers and Clients Oct 2010
  • ESOMAR How to Commission Research 2009
  • ESOMAR International Code of Marketing and Social Research Practice 2007
  • ESOMAR Interviewing Children and Young People 2009
  • ESOMAR Distinguishing Market Research from Other Data Collection Activities Mar 2009
  • ESOMAR Passive Data Collection, Observation and Recording Feb 2009
  • Korea Research-based Pharmaceutical Industry Association (KRPIA) Fair Competition Code 2014
  • Council of American Survey Research Organisations (CASRO) Code of Standards and Ethics for Survey Research
  • Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) 1998
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) 1996
  • Marketing Research Association (MRA), Code of Marketing Research Standards 2013
  • Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), Code on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals Jan 2009

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