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Code of Conduct

MR Subjects' Rights by MR Subjects Type

BB. Opinion Leaders, Clinical Trial Investigators and Advisory Board Members


When recruiting MR subjects that have a pre-existing relationship with the company e.g. clinical investigators, opinion leaders or advisory board members, it is acceptable for the initial invitation to participate in the market research to come from the client company.  However their decision to participate or not, MUST remain confidential ie the client company MUST NOT know who did or did not participate.


A senior member of the marketing or clinical department may provide the following information in writing – an outline of the:

  • Company’s aims in undertaking market research (e.g. to obtain feedback on the clinical performance of a new drug in trials).
  • Reasons why the MR subject has been chosen (personal experience of drug, expertise in therapeutic field).
  • Credentials of the researcher/agency undertaking the study and names/contact details of personnel who will conduct the interview.
  • Procedure for selecting any trial patients for inclusion in the study (via records or interviews) if required.
  • However it should be noted that in some circumstances or cultures this may be misinterpreted as or considered disguised promotion.  So this approach should be used with great care.

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