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Here are the webinars EphMRA has conducted to support its members.

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6 October Ethics: Country and Regional Differences
24 September Getting the most from your secondary data sources: enhancing decision making in mass market therapy areas
12 May Disclosure requirements and their impact on Market Research
14 April Digital Ethnography - How to Structure a Digital Ethnography Project and Present Outputs in an Engaging way
10 March Design at work for impact: Making Presentations more Visually Persuasive and Engaging in Order to Sell your Ideas More Effectively
10 February Are your numbers telling the right story? Best practices in epidemiology to support MR and Forecasting
29 January Optimising Lifecycle Management
13 January Code of Conduct for Non Market Researchers reviewing Market Research
4 December Market Research and the Orphan Disease Area
25 November Fieldwork Opportunities and Challenges in Argentina and Mexico
18 November Making sense of the non-sense of Conjoint
6 November Fieldwork Challenges and Opportunities in Nigeria and Egypt
28 October Advanced Quantitative Research
13 May Fieldwork Challenges and Opportunities in Indonesia and Vietnam
3 April 2014 Joint EphMRA-ESOMAR Webinar: Healthcare Market Research and Ethics: What you need to know
25 March Devices Research - Can You Handle It?
20 March Ethical Considerations for Non Market Researchers
6 March Rules of Engagement: Negotiation Made Simple
22 January  Fieldwork Challenges and Opportunities in Poland and the Ukraine
26 September 
Data Visualisation - Digging Deeper
14 March
Adherence and Research
31 January
EphMRA's NEW Adverse Event Reporting Guidelines
22 January
Data Visualisation
6 December 
Follow up on Paris Masterclass on Optimising Insights from Digital Channels
18 September 
How we might approach segmentation in the future? How to get it right at the patient level
25 April 
Market Research Department of the Future - Researchers' core skills and competencies required for an evolving MR role

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