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PRMT Previous Courses

2010 Code of Conduct Training
2009 Qualitative Research - New Horizons

Evaluating a business opportunity & How do I brand to win?

2007 Segmentation How to Target and Promote to the Customer
2006 The Role of Marketing Research in Pharmaceutical Forecasting
2005 Segmentation How to Target and Promote to the Customer Effectively
2004 Positioning Getting it Right
2003 Segmentation How to Target and Promote to the Customer Effectively
2002 Developing and Evolving the Brand
2001 Positioning Getting it Right
2000 Branding the Future in Pharmaceuticals
1999 Internet A Worldwide Tool for Pharma MR
1998 Masterclass in Portfolio Management
1997 No Workshop held
1996 Forecasting Product Performance for a Global Market
1995 Pricing Research in a Changing Environment
1994 Translating Market Research into Marketing Action
1993 Quality Control in Primary Reserach
1992 Health Economics
1991 Patient Research

2011 Communicating the Power of Market Research, Role of Research in Social Networking, Future needs of payers within a varied and changing environment throughout Europe and Emerging Markets, Code of Conduct
2010 Masterclasses – NLP – Neuro Linguistic programming; War Gaming and Research for Devices, Equipment and Formulation Options
2009 Segmentation, Forecasting, Mapping (3 Masterclasses)
2008 War Gaming
2008 Gaining Understanding & Insight with Conjoint & Discrete Choice
2008 Testing Medical Devices
2007 Presenting Market Research Data ThinkStoryLine How to avoid death by PowerPoint
2007 The 6 biggest mistakes in Pharma Forecasting and how not to make them
2007 Mapping Where is our product's position and where are the others?
2006 Masterclass Presenting Market Research Data
2006 Masterclass NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming
2005 Masterclass Leading Edge Research Beyond the Norm Advanced Qualitative Techniques
Gaining Understanding and Insight with Conjoint and Discrete Choice Models
2004 How Internet Research Has Changed Our Lives
2004 Evaluating Licencing Opportunities
2003 Brand Equity Management
2003 Value and Pricing: A continuous challenge
2002 Positioning Getting it Right
2002 Internet Research: Pushing the Boundaries
2001 The Online Research Revolution
2000 Harnessing the Potential of the Internet

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