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Welcome to the Jobs Section.

Here is a selection of the jobs we have on offer. 

Date Added Job Title
03 May 2016 Research & Planning Consultant
03 May 2016 Brand Strategy Director
08 February 2016 Healthcare Research Manager/Account Manager (

Looking for a candidate to fill a position in your company?

EphMRA Full and Associate Members can display up to 5 different jobs per calendar month on a complimentary basis.  If you are interested in advertising more positions or are an EphMRA non member company please contact for more details.

You can use this area to offer jobs and look for candidates.  The following explains how:


  • To post a position or search candidates it is necessary to register (this is separate from EphMRA member login details).  
  • Once logged in users are able to post new positions, edit current positions and search for candidates.
  • When new positions are posted or edits are made, details are forwarded to EphMRA for approval, once approved jobs will be made live on the website.
  • When searching for candidates, if the search criteria are left as any/blank all candidates will be listed. Candidate details are provided using an alias name for purposes of confidentiality.  From here it is possible to review candidate profiles.
  • Returning to the list of candidates will enable users to contact candidates by sending a message via the website (click on ‘send message’ box).  It is necessary to log in to the site periodically to check for messages.



Candidates - looking for a position?

 The jobs area of the EphMRA website enables you to create an anonymous profile and search confidentially for  jobs - here's how:


  • To post your details on the website and search available jobs, it is necessary to first register and add your profile details.  EphMRA will be notified of the new profile and once approved will be made live on the website.
  • You are able to register with an alias user name to protect your identity.
  • There is a facility to add your Curriculum Vitae, but please be aware that your identity will no longer be confidential.
  • Each time you are logged in to the jobs area of the website you will be able to edit your profile or search for jobs (leaving the search criteria as blank/any will enable you to view all jobs on the website).
  • If you click on one of the jobs listed you will be able to view further details.  At the top of the page is a click box that facilitates you being able to send a message regarding the position. 
  • At the top of your home page, you will see the heading Communication – all messages between yourself and companies will be held here.  It is important to check your profile periodically for new messages.


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