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2011 Conference

2011 Conference

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1. Smarter Healthcare
Katherine Holland, General Manager, Global Life Sciences Industry, IBM Corporation Download audio/slides (.wmv -122MB)

2. Quo Vadis? Healthcare Reform in the US.
Charlotte E. Sibley, Sibley Associates and Dan Hoffmann, PBRA - USA
Download audio/slides (.wmv -102MB)

3. Pharmemerging Markets - chasing future growth opportunity.
Alan Harrison, General Manager, IMS Global Market Measurement Offerings, UK
Download audio/slides (.wmv -97MB)

4. Five pillars to success - developing a framework for emerging markets market research.
Steve Kretschmer, Global Head of Emerging Markets Research (Turkey), Ipsos and Beyza Ozel, Strategic Planning and Marketing Excellence, Novartis Turkey
Download audio/slides (.wmv -104MB)

5. Free to Access Data Sources Project - from the EphMRA Syndicated Data Committee
Marion Wyncoll, Themis, UK
Download audio/slides (.wmv -68MB)

6. The emergence of biosimilars - how they are different from generics and what are the implications for marketing?
Toralf Haag, Chief Financial Officer, Lonza Group Ltd, Basel, Switzerland and Chris Krattiger-Savelkouls, Head of Global Marketing, GfK HealthCare, Basel, Switzerland Download audio/slides (.wmv -121MB)

7. Revising the Pharma Business Model: Online Brand Communities - a new medium for Business.
Andrew Reid, Managing Director, VERVE, UK and Allan Bowditch, Board Director, PharmaGems, USA
Download audio/slides (.wmv -57MB)

8. Market Accessibility - a dip into reality.
Ana Schaeffer, Managing Director, Psyma Pesquisas de Marcado Ltda, Brazil and Simeon Pickers, Deputy Director, Psyma Latina S.A de C.V., Mexico
Download audio/slides (.wmv -77MB)

9. Does Your Company's Self Image Reflect Social Media Reality?
Henry Gazay, CEO, Medimix, USA and François Noailles, Director of Global Market Research, Pierre-Fabre Medicament, France
Download audio/slides (.wmv - 77MB)

10. Assessing Optimum Pricing in the Indian Market.
Sangita Salunke, Associate Director of Market Research, Sanofi-Aventis, India and Gauri Pathak, General Manager (India), Kantar Health Download audio/slides (.wmv - 56MB)

11. Customer closeness through social media: Stepping it up by stepping alongside.
Su Meddis, Business Intelligence Director, AstraZeneca (UK) and Nigel Griffiths, Director, Insight Research Group, UK Download audio/slides (.wmv - 73MB)

12. Can lessons from other sectors help increase return on investment from marketing and communications for global pharmaceutical companies?
Nick Molden, Managing Director, Oxford Indices, UK
Download audio/slides (.wmv - 52MB)

13. Debate - Consumer Researchers Do it Better!
Download the presentation here Download audio/slides (.wmv -165MB)

14. Code of Conduct 2011 Update
Bob Douglas, EphMRA Ethics Group.
Download audio/slides (.wmv - 30MB)

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