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2010 conference

2010 Conference

2010 Conference - Business as Usual

1. Matthew Fraser – Key Note Speaker
From Buzz to Biz: the Social Media Challenge for Pharma and Health Care

2. Age old vs. New age techniques; when to embrace the thrill of the new and when to ‘stick to the knitting’
Carolyn Chamberlain and Tracey Brader, Praxis Research & Consulting, UK

3. Will Market Researchers be the Neanderthals of Homo Marketingus?
Henry Gazay, Medimix International and Alex de Carvalho, Adjunct Professor Social Media, University of Miami, USA

4. Assessing the ‘value of knowing’ for reimbursement bodies
Koenraad Dierick, SuAzio Consulting, Belgium

5. Healthcare marketing Research in the years to come: Not Business as usual
Richard B. Vanderveer, GfK Healthcare, USA

6. Directionally right or precisely wrong? Harvesting and linking the best, if disparate, public domain data with secondary data for real market insight
Marion Wyncoll, Themis, UK and Kathryn Jones, Kariad Partners, USA

7. Dumb it Down at your peril; losing face to face research is like ‘Marketing by Numbers’
Stephen Godwin, Synovate Healthcare, UK

8. Getting answers without asking questions. Analysing online conversations about common health problems with aging
Niels Schillewaert, Insites Consulting, Belgium

9.The importance of health insurances as a target group for the pharmaceutical industry - consequences for market research
Ludwig Prange, Berlin Chemie and Markus Schoene, YouGovPsychonomics, Germany

10.United Breaks Guitars - The Rise of the Prosumer
Steve Thompson, Ipsos CPG and Sarah Phillips, Ipsos Health, UK.

2010 JH Award Winner - Best Paper

11. Bringing innovation to Market by understanding customer needs - customer targeting for launch of an innovative new product
Jordan Bayless, Optimal Strategix, USA

12. Enabling Bio/Pharmaceutical Pricing Strategies by integration across customers & constructs
Sanjay Rao, CRA Life Sciences, USA

13. A Fair Trial
Anna Williams and Neil Rees, Hall & Partners Health, UK

14. Seeing is not believing - a critical review of Eye-tracking in Communications Research.
Nigel Griffiths, Insight Research Group, UK

15. Its life Jim but not as we know it…..
Julie Curphey and Marianne Fletcher, Pfizer Ltd, UK

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