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2007 conference

2007 Conference

A Look through the Kaleidoscope - Malta, June 2007

Conference Papers - available here

Pre-Conference Session - Adverse Events through the Looking Glass
Hot Topics Update - Adverse Events - Allan Bowditch - Ziment - USA and Dan Fitzgerald - GfK V2 - USA
Adverse Events Guidelines
Adverse Events Background Information

Session 1 - New Business Models
Financial Health of the Pharmaceutical industry: Wall Street's Perspective - Timothy Andersen - Prudential Equity Group - USA
Parallel Universes - Charting Healthcare's Possible Futures - Kim Slocum - KDS Consulting - USA
The Future Rx'ing Dilemma - Sarah Fuller and Jim McDermott - Decision Resources Inc - USA
Unlocking Growth in China - Yehong Zhang - IMS Health - China

Session 2 - Extending our Reach
Boosting Brand Growth Now in Emerging Markets - Kurt Kessler - ZS Associates - USA
Impact of PCP Beliefs on Future Pharma Marketing - Jackie Morgan - Adelphi International Research - UK
The Epidemiology of Disease in Emerging Markets and Challenges to estimating Patient Populations: Focus on China - Michael McGuill and Nikhil Mehta - Decision Resources Inc - USA and UK

Session 3 - Above and Beyond

Improving the Accuracy and Flexibility of MR Models to Address Evolving Management Needs - John Tapper - Ziment - USA and Andrew Scott - Ziment - UK

The Breast Cancer's as vital as the air that they breathe......Julie Buis - Aequus Research - UK
Leveraging Market Research Data for Outcome Research Publications - Michael Kelly - Consumer Health Sciences & imap Research - USA

Session 4 - The Trial

Is it Legal to Conduct Market Research?

Defending Attorney: Stephen Godwin - Synovate Healthcare - UK
Prosecutor: Allan Bowditch - Ziment - USA

The Charge:
Marketing research/intelligence is becoming fatally compromised due to legal battles about privacy, adverse event reporting and its changing role within the pharmaceutical marketing environment.

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