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2006 Conference

2006 Conference

A Truths, Myths and the Future - EphMRA Conference - Athens June 2006 Conference Papers - available here

Session 1 - Context

The World of Demographics and the Demographics of the World. A Pharmaceutical Opportunity?
Prof David Foot - University of Toronto - Canada

How the Healthcare Demographics Opportunity was approached by Abbott Laboratories
Anne Loiselle - Abbott Laboratories - USA

Getting the Measure of Local Demand
Debbie Kobewka - IMS Health - UK

From Strategic Marketing to Strategic Market Management
Francois Lucas - Pope Woodhead - UK and Philip Rush - Novartis Pharma - Switzerland

Session 2 - Hot Truths

Reporting Adverse Event and Market Research - The why, what, how and when?
Nora Cashion - Altana Pharma - USA and Pia Nicolini - Brintnall & Nicolini - USA

Is Procurement Jeopardising the Relationship between the Market Research and the Agency?
Francois Feig and Mathias Grunewald - Merck KGaA - Germany

Parallel Session Road Map Feedback and Take Away Actions
Nigel Burrows - IMS Health - Italy

Session 3 - Methodology

Going Beyond 'research as we know it'
Jon Chandler and Peter Winters - Brand Health International - UK

Provocation: a new approach to diagnose the truth - Applications in Market Research
Elena Mosicheva and Tatyana Ziglina - MarketSense - Russia

Session 4 - Data Maximisation

Enduring Value
Brian Benedetti Williams - IMS Health Management Consulting - UK and Jim Inglis - Jim Inglis Computer Consultants - UK

Can you Just Update this Chart for Me?
Christoph Petersen - Altana Pharma - Germany and Marion Wyncoll - Themis - UK

Session 5 - Technology

Being the Healthcare Consumer - Constellations, Systems and Techniques
Jane Shirley - Insight International - UK

Enlightenment: Gaining Understanding from a Technology assisted Ethnography Approach
Amy Duckett - Synovate Healthcare - UK

Conclusions from the Conference -

EphMRA President, Francois Feig, Merck KGaA

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