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Code of Conduct

EphMRA Code of Conduct

Updated October 2017includes Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, UK, USA.

Or, use the online Code of Conduct:  via the search tool (search CofC) - this will return searches found within the content.  The online searchable Code is being updated to the 2017 Code in January 2017.

Or, click on the left hand side items (1-12) and this will reveal the content for each section. when reading the content you can find previous and next buttons in the bottom left of the page.


Want to know what has changed in the Code?

At a Glance Log of Changes - new and updated October 2017


Code Pro formas - pdf file -  updated October 2017

The following 5 pro formas or templates are available; they provide a general structure for collecting necessary consents, agreements and acknowledgements and the suggested terms for these:

  • 1: Recruitment Agreement
  • 2: Receipt of Incentive
  • 3: Respondent Consent allowing Client Access to Recordings
  • 4: Client Agreement to Safeguard Confidentiality of Recordings
  • 5: Observer Agreement


AER Guidelines: updated 2015

ESOMAR Data Protection Checklist - January 2015 - 


Country Updates & News

Find out the latest updates on specific national laws, regulations and requirements that impact market research.  


Enquiry Service - free to members

Members can submit an enquiry about the Code of Conduct and this will be addressed on a confidential basis by EphMRA. These enquiries are welcomed as they help to improve our Code.  EphMRA offers no legal advice and all answers given via this Enquiry Service or via email in other capacities is based on our best knowledge at the time but we cannot be held responsible for any errors contained in the advice.

You can use the form here

Member Only Services

1. Key Points The Key Points Booklet series is designed to give a brief overview of key points to note. these are at a glance guides extracted from the Code of Conduct and are designed to support members.
2. Incentives at a Glance Save time looking through the Code to see what incentives are allowed per country
3. Data protection Agencies List of Data Protection Agencies and Contact details (2013)
4. Webinars In Events- Webinars - members area of web site. Keep up to date with our webinars on key ethics topics

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