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2017 ATC Vote

2017 Anatomical Classification Vote

EphMRA/PBIRG Members

The Classification Committee would like your vote on this year's proposed changes to the Classification system.

There are 9 proposals in the following areas:   

Other stomach disorder products

Other bile therapy/cholagogue products

Other fluoroquinolones

Viral hepatitis products

Protozoal vaccines

Proteasome inhibitor antineoplastics

HDAC inhibitor antineoplastics

Photosensitisers in cancer therapy

Interleukin inhibitor anti-asthmatics. 


Please read this - summary of proposals 

Please provide any comments or suggestions to help the Committee understand your response.  The added question about whether your company is involved in a class is to aid our decision, if the voting results are inconclusive.  Providing this information about class involvement is at your discretion. 

It is important that you select one of the 3 options – yes, no or abstain per class.

Please complete the vote on behalf of your company by no later than June 9th 2017If you have any issues with voting online please contact EphMRA at 

Your opinion is important, please take advantage of this opportunity!

Please remember that if the majority of qualifying companies vote in favour of the new proposals, and the new classes meet the usual criteria for implementation, then these new classes will come into effect in January 2018

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any EphMRA/PBIRG Classification Committee member or email

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