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2012 Beijing Conference

2012 Beijing

Plenary – the re-birth of a brand – the importance of being consumer centric.
Lai Hoong Lee, Regional Director Market Research & Business Support, Sanofi Consumer Health Care Division, Asia Pacific & Japan

Parallel 1 – Physicians and patients are people too. Connecting their human perspectives to build stronger brands
Frank Guo, Research Director and Karen Lei, Research Director, Ipsos Healthcare, China.

Parallel 2 – Japanese market and patient level insights – uncovering unmet needs and identifying trends and comparisons with habits and attitudes
Kenneth Shearer, Market Research - Customer and Commercial Excellence Division, MSD K.K., Japan and Graeme Jacombs, Managing Director APMEA, Kantar Health, Singapore.

Parallel 3 – Achieving Innovation through appropriate online stakeholder communication.
Nadja Christe, Pharma HCP Digital Marketing Manager, Bayer Schering Pharma AG, Germany and Simon Li, General Manager, Kantar Health, China.

Parallel 4 – Taking Cancer Treatment to the Masses
Monica Gangwani, Director and Uma Dalvi, Project Manager, Ipsos Healthcare, India

Parallel 5 – Patient Empowerment through Digital Healthcare
Pei Li Teh, Associate Director, Asia Pacific and Paul Reed, Associate Director, Asia Pacific, The Research Partnership, Singapore.

Parallel 6 – ‘Someone out there like me’ - the vital role of online qualitative methodologies in attitudinal and behavioural research
Mieko Hamana, Associate Director, Urology, Global Marketing Product and Portfolio Strategy Astellas, Japan and Nigel Griffiths, Director, Insight Research Group, UK.

Parallel 7 – Patient-centric Business Models: The New Way to Generate Value for the Pharma Industry
Laena Liu, Global Product Manager, Market Opportunities & Innovation, Head of Qualitative Consumer Experiences, GfK China and Zoltan Lantos, Global Product Manager, Healthcare and Consumer Health, Brand and Customer Experience, GfK Hungary.

Parallel 8 – The Changing Role of Pharmacists - Pure Pharmacists to Counsellors and Sales Agents
Odette Navarro, Managing Director, Branding Science, Philippines

Best of EphMRA 2012. JH Award for Best Paper at the 2012 Paris Conference. Parallel 9 – Rx rationale – market research via iphone App
John Branston, Director, The Research Partnership, UK and Martin Lange, Associate Director Global Business Intelligence - Oncology, Merck Serono, Germany. Paper given in Beijing by Mark Jeffery, Founding Director, The Research Partnership

Parallel 10 – Uncovering the underlying truth behind patient and physician psyche
Regina Gowindah, Regional Market Research Manager, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Singapore and Joseph Chua, Research Director, Ipsos Healthcare, Singapore

Parallel 11 – Understanding market access drivers for oncology therapies in Asia - a case study in China, South Korea and Taiwan
Javier de Renteria, VP Global Market Access Europe, Kantar Health, Germany and Questa Lin, Country Manager, Kantar Health, Taiwan

Parallel 12 – Market Access Challenges in the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.
Marilou Bautista, Business Unit Director, MSD (I.A.) Corp, Singapore and Ooi Hooi Min, Engagement Manager, PMR ASEAN, IMS Health, Malaysia

Parallel 13 – Maximising the value of usage and attitude study in China
Colin Xi, Senior Market Research Manager, GlaxoSmithKline (China) Investment Co., Ltd, Shanghai and Yong Huey Ling, Engagement Manager, IMS Health, China.

Parallel 14 – The challenges of conducting market research projects on Branded Generics in emerging countries such as Thailand and Vietnam, using Japan as a comparison market
Reiko Hori, Member of the Board Global Strategic Planning, Anterio, Japan and Tran Ngoc Dung, Managing Director, FTA, Vietnam

Plenary Session – An Online Community of Diabetes Patients - Understanding Patient Mindsets
Paul Zhou, Managing Director, Illuminera Strategy and Katarina Olausson, Managing Director, IlluminCloud, China

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